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About 5years

5years attempt to deliver messages to people in varied circumstances

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  • Cancer patients undergoing treatment
  • Cancer patients accomplished treatment
  • Families of cancer patients

  • Non-cancer patients
  • Non-cancer patients accomplished treatment
  • Families of non-cancer patients

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When talking about disease, “five year survival rate” is often referred to. It is really discouraging.

Such word means a percentage of people in a treatment group who are alive five years after they were diagnosed.

However, what do results of past studies mean to us living now?

Many patients conquered disease and returned to society.

Many of them are more shining than before.

5years turn spotlight on those who are enjoying lives and declare that lives are filled with chances regardless of disease.

Our future is filled with brightness.

We put this shiny message into our name “5years”.

What is 5years?

5years is a mutual support organization to solve the problems patients and their families suffer and one of patients support activities operated by “Okubo no Kai”, a non-profit incorporated association.

We help patients and their families with solving various problems by introducing many survivors who came back into society and offering survivors’ essential information and experiences.