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  • Hope for treatment

    Publishing information on people who conquered disease and came back into society

  • Valuable information exchange

    Exchange helpful information derived from survivors’ experiences

  • Healing of loneliness

    Provide chances for mutual communication between survivors

“Information and communication save lives”

For many people, it is extraordinary to live with serious illness. Most people have never experienced before.

It was also the case for me.
Since the day of diagnosis, unforeseeable events occurred one after another in my life.
I was completely at a loss first. I did not even know what I should refer to.

After a while, various questions gradually come to my mind. I tried to make research on them, but it was not easy to perform.

There were no comprehensive materials available that would give tips / solutions to the emerged questions.

What would com in the future?
How is the life under treatment?
How would it go for some periods after leaving hospital?
How would it go one year later?

So many unexpected questions come to mind. Too little information is accessible. Not a little number of patients get more anxious because of this situation.

In such situation, the best solution is to collect experience-based information from as many survivors as possible.

Information releases depressed patients from anxiety.
Essential information may suggest alternatives relating to treatments and lives.
It is why we collect valuable information from survivors and deliver it to whom it is necessary.