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How to Support Patients

① Join 5years club and offer continuous support

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What patients and their families need essentially!

Volume of information on disease and treatment are available through internet in these days. However, most of them make patients’ / families’ heart sinking.
On the contrary, patients and their families seriously seek for information of survivors who got back into society. Such information is a hope for treatment. However, it is difficult to find such information.

What you can do for patients and their families struggling with disease

Patients and their families are struggling to overcome disease and tough circumstances. The fact that many survivors had successfully rehabilitated encourages those patients and families who are undergoing treatments.
“5years” will collect and spread survivors’ information and create connection between patients/families and survivors.
Such activity is supported by 5years club membership composed of donators.

Support 5years to save as many patients/families as possible

Join 5years club membership
from 1,000JPY/month
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Benefits of 5years Club Membership

  • Get a member’s card of 5years club
  • Participate forum / seminar
  • Attend reception of 5years club
  • Receive newsletters / publications
  • Access financial information ( expenses for treatment and receivable benefits of all released cases are available)
  • Access come back stories( all the uploaded stories of patients overwhelmed disease and got back into society)
  • Participate charity event held by 5years
Join 5 years club membership
from 1,000JPY/ month
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② Support by making a single donation

Get back into society is the ultimate challenge

Though completed treatment program, many patients cannot return to society yet due to bad shape.

Even when treatment is going on, many patients wish to return to past life immediately.

However, medical staffs do not tell how to get back former life and to how to get back into society.

The best way to improve situation is to learn from the former patients’ experiences.
But it is not easy to contact such survivors.

What you can do for the patients who are trying to get back into society

The patients and their families try to get back into society, with uneasy feelings amid inexperienced surroundings. In such circumstances, cases and experiences of the other patients support strongly. “5years” will collect and provide survivors’ information and create connection between patients/families and survivors.

Single donation
from 3,000JPY
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Benefit of donators

  • Participate forum/seminars held by 5years
  • Interview of high-amount donators will be published on the web
  • Receive newsletters/publications from 5years
  • Introduced in the newsletters as a supporter
Single donation
from 3,000JPY
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Join 5years club membership
from 1,000JPY/ month
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Corporation is here