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CEO Junichi Okubo

 Thank you very much for your continuous support to 5years activities.
Now I illustrate why I established 5years and started such activities.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I got so anxious and isolated. I felt as if I had been thrusted into darkness.

Shortly after then, metastases of cancer were found. Furthermore, I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a complication. Being so devastated and lonely, I felt as if I had been sinking into the ocean trench.

What I should do?
What alternatives do I have?
How do I make decision and what should I decide?
How is it going about my life in the future?

 Doctors and medical staffs explain about disease and treatment programs. However, concerns and questions that patients and their families confront with are not limited to disease and treatments but covering all aspects of life.

 Under such circumstances, it is most helpful to learn from survivors of similar disease and obtain experience-based information from people who coped with similar situation.

 Just after the diagnoses, I thought everything negative. “Even though I could survive, my life will fall into decline, and nothing will recover as it was before.

 However, I came to know many athletes and personalities who accomplished treatments and came back successfully. I learned it is wrong to define disease as a decline of life.

 There must be many survivors, not limited to such famous but also unknown, returned to society successfully after treatment. I believe that presence of the above survivors will mitigate anxiety of and encourage patients and their families.

As I was struggling with disease, I thought “How would it be encouraging if there were a service that provides information and case stories of overcoming disease based on survivors’ experiences?”Once recovered, I decided that I myself establish an organization for such service.

 On this site, you will find many people who accomplished treatment program and returned to society.5years is a place where patients, their families, people undergoing rehabilitation and survivors returned to society exchange variety of knowledge and information based on experiences. 5years will generate energy towards future through communication between people who have similar experiences.  

 This is what 5years will facilitate.

 “Cancer /disease does not mean the end of life.”

 Let’s overcome disease by helping each other!
 Let’s return to society!
 Let’s change widespreading prejudice on patients and ex-patients which is absolutely wrong!