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Message from 5years

I underwent cancer treatment. Furthermore I suffered from pulmonary fibrosis induced by anticancer agent.

This disease is refractory. The fight was even tougher than that against cancer.

When diagnosed, I also made research on this disease and treatment. Since it was not as common as cancer, I could hardly find helpful information.

I looked around for a bunch of information. Among all, I sought for case stories of people who survived the same kind of disease and went back to society. However, NO such information was available.


Now I had recovered, I am eager to establish what I had longed for when struggling.

It is a SYSTEM that enables to
“access information on people who survived disease and returned to society”
“communicate with the people who went through the similar situation.”

5years desire to provide mental support to patients so as to protect lives.

Many patients conquered disease and returned to society.

The most supportive items for fighting patients are “Hope”,“Healing” and “Information”.

Patients are under severe pressure that could case suicide. When such patients are struggling with disease, the most supportive items are “Hope for the future” “Healing from isolation” and “Helpful information” that are provided by cancer survivors.

We, 5years hope to support patients and their families. We want to stand by patients who are so depressed that might kill themselves due to disease. We desire to help as many patients as possible.

Existing media do not release information on patients who came back into society so far.

Spreading information on survivors generates “Hope for life”.

Communication with survivors is an effective “Healing from isolation”.

Patients will obtain “Helpful information” through communication with ex-patients.

“Hope for life”
“Healing from isolation”
“Helpful information”






Future is filled with brightness.